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The Potion Master is missing.

Antonio is in a race to find him. He also needs the ingredients to save his sister’s life. Yet the ingredients are far flung, hidden across the enchanting Cassé Lands, giant monsters protecting them as a dragon protects its gold.


Poetry. Dystopian. Fantasy. Set your imagination free.

The Potion Master

A race against time to save a young girl’s life. First book in The Cassé Lands series. Contains adventure, pirates, dragons, magic, giant butterflies and a tea serving mushroom assistant

Realm of Silence

Nearby to the events of The Potion Master, a country has fallen quiet. Music has been outlawed and criminals will be…silenced. Join rebel pipers fighting trolls, dark knights and out of tune spoons

Of A Dark Heart

A surreal quest for revenge crossing the line between our world and a dreamscape with small town ghosts, prophetic gargoyles and the Devil’s daughter. Technically his sons too. Essentially fantasy John Wick

Seasons of the Soul

The poetry that started it all. From love poems to war torn stories, this collection includes the international award winning poem ‘Seasons’. Now also available in watercolour Hardcover

Diary of a Heartbreak

Not as bleak as it sounds. This poetry collections transmutes beating heart into ink, as it follows the thrills and shivers of falling love, then out of love, …then in love again. Mostly happy. Honest.

Teen Gaffe

The melodramatic teenage collection formerly known as Antediluvian Man. Filled with stumbling words, zits, edgy dark thoughts and so much sweat you should wear an oxygen mask

Tango in a Teacup

An exploration of the wilderness years after being a teenager and before feeling an adult. Travel stories, yarns under clear star nights and enough wayward thoughts to start a revolution


An old mine is turned into a new Las Vegas, only for cartels to make it snow crystal meth. Escaped splicing experiments, government agency double crossings and a father trying to keep his newborn clean


Bookmarks, tshirts, necklaces, you name it, I’ve made it. Come grab something to show your love for good story telling

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