Chris Foster

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    Nelacar Part Two The fool didn’t retreat. She knew this from the way the trees murmured. She knew in the way the breeze stirred, like a slumbering beast about…

  • Rules and other superfluous things


    Nelacar Part One Never go beyond the briar thicket The warning echoed dully in Nelacar’s head. With the perfect poise of haughty arrogance his high elf kin were known…

  • Tourists


    Shaman Argumu Part One Shaman Argumu relaxed in the swamp. Above him the sun was drifting lazily to the horizon, a cool breeze cutting through the heat of the…

  • Welcome to the Hidden Grove


    As you wander into the secluded clearing, the sound of birdsong filters through the trees. Dappled sunlight creates a rippling sea of shadows upon the green. A figure emerges,…